Laboratories Must Start Exploiting the Benefits of Digitalization

As a tight labor market makes it difficult to find staff, and tougher economic conditions start to bite, laboratory managers are being forced to think hard about driving efficiency. Using the power of computer-based laboratory informatics solutions provides an easy win, but many organizations are still not fully exploiting the benefits that solutions such as LIMS offer. Reducing the number of manual ‘touch points’ and interventions for samples and their data is key to driving up efficiency.

Polling Provides Current Laboratory Status

Autoscribe regularly hold educational webinars for the laboratory industry. From polling in these webinars it is clear that many laboratories have a lot more they can do to automate and streamline their processes. Our webinar ‘Utilizing LIMS to Take Your Laboratory Paperless’ had close to 500 attendees. Our polling questions to this audience included:

What do attendees use to manage their lab data?

  • We have a LIMS (13% of respondents)
  • We have a LIMS but still need to use paper (43% of respondents)
  • We use paper or spreadsheets (44% of respondents)

What do attendees see as the benefits of a LIMS?

  • Automatic creation of Certificates of Analysis (7% of respondents)
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements (23% of respondents)
  • Free up laboratory staff time (24% of respondents)
  • Keep all data in one place (46% of respondents)

In our webinar on ‘Incorporating ISO 17025 into your laboratory’, with around 400 attendees, the following polling questions were asked:

How is your organization currently managing controlled documents, employee training documentation and issue management or corrective action preventive actions (CAPA)?

  • Integrated in our LIMS (9% of respondents)
  • Separate QMS electronic system (38% of respondents)
  • Spreadsheets or paper based (49% of respondents)
  • Not managing these (4% of respondents)

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